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A true story about a missing dog, his adventures and
the community that came together to reunite him with his family.

Awarding Winning 

Where are You, Alfie? has won the Outstanding Creator Award for Best Children's Book in the
2023 Clash of the Champions.

Where are You, Alfie? was also ranked in the top 25 children's books, according to the Outstanding Creator Awards, 2024.

The critics described the book as " a wonderful, beautiful, emotional, and compelling feel-good story about actual, incredible, real-life events!" 

Read the complete review from the
Outstanding Creator Awards here. 
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Glens Falls Trolley

A Note from the Author

When I heard that a dog went missing from a doggie day care in my hometown, I just had to help. The owners of the dog were from Pittsburgh, PA and had no friends or family in the area.  I wanted the family to remember Glens Falls as the city that found their dog, not the city that lost him. 
Searching for Alfie was an unforgettable experience.  A core group of strangers bonded and were determined to find the little dog.  Morning till night, day after day, the search continued.  After a few weeks, it was in the back of my mind that if Alfie was found safe, I would write a children’s book about the emotional roller coaster of events. 
When Alfie went home to Pittsburgh, I wrote this story. 

Warren, Washington and Saratoga counties rallied to help find Alfie! 
Special thanks to the “East Enders” in Glens Falls, who eventually reunited Alfie with his family! 
It took a village!