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About Us

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- Mary DeSantis, Author -

Mary Jean DeSantis, a life-long dog lover, is a retired elementary school speech-language pathologist. She experienced first-hand the benefits reading has on a child’s communication, social,

and literacy skills.


Throughout her career, Mary used hundreds of children’s books, as well as two special therapy dogs, Abby and Hazel, to target speech and language goals in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way. She is excited to share her first book with children and their families.

Mary lives in her hometown of Glens Falls, NY.

Anthony Richichi.jpg
- Anthony Richichi, Illustrator -

Anthony Richichi is an award-winning illustrator and painter from Upstate New York who has showcased his work in museums and national art publications throughout the world. Where Are You, Alfie? is Anthony’s fourteenth illustrated children’s book with Saratoga Springs Publishing since he joined as lead illustrator in 2020.

Some of his other books include Colorworld, which he also wrote, and the 6x award-winning Witches, Bats, and Mystical Cats. Anthony also works in the theater, film, and music industries where he’s done artwork with clients such as Marvel, 20th Century Fox, and his award-winning music group, Lock 9. Most recently he was commissioned by the City of Glens Falls to paint an Adirondack Chair that is being permanently displayed in Japan as part of their 35th Anniversary of the Sister Cities program.


Currently residing in his Adirondack art studio, he is lovingly surrounded by books, musical instruments, and lots of paintings.

- Vicki Addesso  Dodd , Saratoga Springs Publishing -


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