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What People Are Saying about
Where Are You, Alfie? 

Diane Says...

Mary, I just finished your book and I love it!!  I actually want to order more.  You have such a huge heart to give back to animals in need.

Heather Says...

Antonio and I just read your book together and it's amazing!!  It is a wonderful story and it's so great to see our city in a book.  It gives us a great hometown feel.  It's a very touching story that thankfully had a great ending.  I really hope you write more.  I love your work.  This is such a huge accomplishment to be published author. Congratulations!!!

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Karen says...

Mary, I just read your book! I absolutely love it and plan to read it again and focus on the beautiful illustrations. You are awesome, woman! 

Kelly says...

I sat down and really read and looked at the book last night...and it's so perfect...very, very, very nice job! I love the mentions of your mom and dad and the thanks for Kathy's awesomeness. So glad you showed me and explained the "Easter eggs"...makes it so special. 

Ginger says...

It's such an awesome book, I'm very excited for you. My kids got to the end and saw the real photos, they asked "did this happen in real life...really?" Really?! 

Kate says...

This book is perfect,

you frying up bacon! 
wonderful tribute to Glens Falls, I love where we are from.

Liz says...

This book is great, I ordered one for my mother-in-law and friend Louise and they absolutely loved it too, so proud of you! 

Tom says...

Alfie has become a bedtime favorite in our home! 

Amanda says...

Love, love, love this book...great choice of illustrator

Cady says...

Every dog owner's fear is losing him and or her!

This true story, with a very happy ending, shows how hope,
perseverance and teamwork helped this out of town family turn their nightmare's into a dream!

Written especially for children, the
beautiful artwork in conjunction with the thoughtful text is endearing and capturing the author and illustrator's passion for dogs, art and their hometown come through on every page!

A highly
recommended addition to every bookshelf! 

Beth says...

I liked that each page had a problem and then a cloud question for Alfie, kids love that repetition.

It was written as an adventure and didn't include the grief of the situation. I loved the illustrations and spent at least ten minutes pointing all the local
 landmarks to Greg, adding to the conversation as you read it to children. 

The pictures in the back were an unexpected
surprise, kids will make that real-life connection. We're ordering more.

Cindy says...

It was a very
heartwarming story. It's so refreshing to read something written out of you read it you can feel the 
"mission" building all the away to the happy ending 

Of course the outcome was because of the passion of a dedicated team on a mission.

Very well done, I am so proud of you. Your dedication to your mom and dad...the greatest folks ever.

That was read with blurry, teary vision, no doubt your mom's spirit can't stop smiling and your dad is retelling it to the entire extended family. 

Diane says...

I just finished reading it and I love it, I actually want another one. I decided to give it to my daughter for her have such a huge heart!

EJ Says..

This lost dog and community camaraderie story is incredibly cute, and the illustrations are amazing. Anyone that loves dogs, loves the Adirondacks, loves Lake George, loves Glens Falls, or loves to read to young children will LOVE this book. Happy Reading!!!

Erika Says...

Congrats Mary!  We know how hard you have worked on this book and how fortunate we are to have you as part of our community.  I read the book with my morning coffee, it was beautiful.  I have included a screenshot of your Chronicle fame!

Gary says...

Your book was great and we
loved it, impressive! 

Sue says...

Mary we got the book, thank you, what a tale! My
grandson, 8, instated on reading it himself; he was amazed it was a true story! 

Deb says... 

Mary, fabulous story! I just loved it, can't wait to read it to my littles! 

Carol says....

Your book is simply fabulous

Lynn says... 

Mary your book is awesome! Got chocked up at the end with happiness! The story and illustrations are superb! 

A reader says... 

We loved your book! Congratulations! Brought Alfie to Cooperstown today to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Jan Says...

Not so long ago I purchased the children’s book “Where Are You, Alfie? “ by Mary DeSantis. I knew Mary was a well respected and loved speech and language pathologist, but I had no idea what an accomplished writer she had become.

The story of Alfie is a true story of a little dog who goes missing from a doggy daycare in Glens Falls, New York. This tale chronicles the adventures of this pup who is visiting the Lake George area with his human family. In order for his family to enjoy a boat ride on this beautiful lake, Alfie must remain behind in a doggy daycare. Shortly after making friends with two little dogs, Milo and Enzo, Alfie escapes.

     Read this well written, heartfelt story of how a community works together to find Alfie and returned him safely to his family. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how Milo and Enzo ultimately help Alfie be reunited with his family.

     Mary’s style of writing is appealing to children and adults alike. The realistic illustrations by a very talented artist, Anthony Richichi, compliment the text beautifully.

     This book will make you smile!

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